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Anrpro Screen Capture Tool

Screen capture utility with built-in image editor that allows customization of the snapshot through adding text, cropping or resizing.

  • APP : Anrpro Screen Capture Tool
  • Version : 1.4
  • License : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : Anrus Prabhu

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Anrpro Screen Capture Tool Description

Anrpro Screen Capture Tool icon>

When it comes to grabbing pictures of the desktop screen there is no shortage of alternatives on the market, with the most feature-rich of them being free of charge.

Arnpro Screen Capture Tool is not designed as comprehensive utility for snapping images but as a comfortable way to take photos from the screen and adjust them here and there.

Few settings, three capture modes

The product sports an intuitive interface that also includes a list with all the screen grabs done with Arnpro Screen Capture Tool, organized in folders with time and date stamp, which could help finding a specific pic quicker.

There are three capture modes supported that allow capturing the entire desktop screen, snapping a rectangular area chose by the user or an application window, whose borders are automatically detected.

Capture settings, supported formats

Configuring the application is a cinch, considering that there is a short list of options. Among them is the possibility to change the default storage path. Also present is the option to exclude Windows taskbar from a fullscreen grab and to enable the capture window on top of all other elements.

Very useful is the display of a translucent overlay during the capture because it highlights the capture area.

After the image has been taken it can be saved in one of the supported formats, PNG, BMP, JPG or GIF.

Editing options

There aren't too many editing tools available but they should be sufficient for the average user as they permit resizing, cropping or pasting another picture.

Furthermore, there is the possibility to add text, draw shapes like rectangles and ellipses and fill them with color or set a transparency level.

A marker enables highlighting specific areas in the picture with a user-defined color; the opacity level is automatically selected.


This is not a tool for the advanced users but for an average user the functions and options included, combined with the ease of use should be just the right mix.

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