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A software utility designed to take snapshots of your desktop screen and record the audio from your Skype conversations or YouTube videos.

  • APP : BlitzSound
  • Version : 3.1.2
  • License : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : Senaris Network

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BlitzSound Description

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In order to take a screenshot at the right moment, you need a fast and responsive way to capture and save it on your computer without interfering with your other activities. In addition, the same thing can be said about recording a conversation or a song from an online video.

Capture your desktop screen and record audio

BlitzSound is a software utility that enables you to quickly grab a snapshot of your screen using a custom keyboard shortcut or a simple system tray menu, as well as start recording the audio output from any other application running on your computer. In addition, both of these functions are accomplished without cluttering your desktop, since the program runs in the background and stays hidden in the tray bar until you need it.

After you take a screenshot, a small pop-up window informs you about the success of the operation and prompts you to choose whether to view the snapshot using the integrated editor, save it to your computer or upload it to the Internet. The same is true for audio recording, although the application renders an additional sound signal when you start capturing.

Upload the images to the Internet and save a screenshot history

The program's settings enable you to automatically upload the captured snapshots on the Internet, using the popular image sharing website Imgur. Furthermore, you can also allow the application to copy the web link to the clipboard and even open a browser window containing your picture after the upload process is complete.

In case you are not able to make use of the link right away, the information is not lost when you overwrite the clipboard with something else. Instead, if you choose to enable the “Save to history” option, all the details are stored in a nicely formatted table that can be accessed at any time. This contains the path to the image on your computer, the direct and delete link for Imgur, as well as the complete date and time of the capture. In addition, YouTube videos can be easily downloaded to your computer by simply performing the "Copy" operation on the desired link and they can also be automatically converted to MP3 format.

A worth-having screen capturing application

Although the application may appear to be rather simple, BlitzSound is actually packed with almost anything you would need to quickly and easily capture every notable moment on your computer, including images, YouTube videos and audio content. The non-intrusive interface and the overall responsiveness make it a great tool to keep in the background at all times, in order to never miss an important moment.

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