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A simple to use application that enables you to capture any area on your desktop, then instantly send it to Facebook, save it to clipboard or import it in MS Paint.

  • APP : CapShare
  • Version : 2.0.2
  • License : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : LeizerSoft

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CapShare Description

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CapShare is a reliable program that enables you to easily capture an area on your screen and publish or save it as an image. The software is simple to use, runs in the background and allows you to use keyboard shortcuts in order to activate the graphic capturing tool. You need to manually select the desired area, using the mouse or another pointer device.

Three options to save your image

CapShare is an easy to use image sharing tool, that enables you to easily capture areas on your screen, such as active windows, gadget action or simply the wallpaper. The application facilitates capturing screenshots, since it offers you a quick way to activate the adjustable snapshot tool.

You simply need to use the preset keyboard combination in order to enable the capturing tool, then use the pointer device to manually select the desired area. When the selection is complete, a dialogue box is prompted, in order for you to choose the next step. You may instantly publish the image to Facebook, save it to clipboard or import it in MS Paint.

Small tool that runs in the background

CapShare does not feature a main interface, since it runs in the background. It can be accessed, however, by right-clicking on the icon in the system tray. If you select to publish the image to Facebook, the software opens the social network login page in an integrated browser.

You may import the image to MS Paint or copy it to clipboard and use it in any other software. In other words, you may save it in any format, supported by the software in which you import it.

Accuracy issue

CapShare is a reliable tool that facilitates capturing screenshots and quickly sharing them online, however, it misses a useful function. The software allows you to manually select the area you wish to capture, but it does not allow you to control the edge accuracy. The selection is operated exclusively with the mouse: you cannot nudge the selection vertically or horizontally with a few pixels.

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