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Takes desktop screenshots whenever an event occurs, enabling you to focus on what you are doing, instead of taking snapshots manually.

  • APP : Clicktrace
  • Version : 1.2
  • License : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : Marcin Nikliborc

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Clicktrace Description

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Clicktrace is a screenshot capturing application that is capable of detecting desktop events and take a snapshot whenever changes are made. This approach allows you to concentrate on your actions, rather than pressing key combinations to capture the screen.

Written in Java, this small utility can generate screenshot sequences that can be embedded into software documentation, to name just one of its practical uses.

Screenshots are organized in recording sessions and saved in separate folders, to help you find them easier. What's more, the search function of the application can find a certain image quickly, regardless of the session it is stored in.

Once a new session is created, your only task is to press the 'Record' button. The application instantly minimizes to the taskbar, allowing you to carry on with your work while the screenshot capturing process runs in the background, without interfering with your actions.

Clicktrace can capture the entire screen, but you can also instruct it to record a certain desktop area by easily selecting a start and an end point.

The output pictures can be previewed, deleted from the session or sent to the default graphic editing program for further processing. Additionally, their order can be changed, the name can be customized (by default, snapshots use the current date and time as their name) and a small description can be assigned to each image.

One interesting feature of Clicktrace is the possibility to generate a HTML image gallery containing all your images, which can be then included in your website.

Clicktrace can automatically take snapshots of the whole screen or a specific desktop section without interrupting your work, saving you a significant amount of time and improving your overall performance.

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