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An intuitive application that enables you to share images or screen shots with your friends, then comment and add annotations to them online.

  • APP : CollabShot
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  • License : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : TopTal

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CollabShot Description

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CollabShot is a simple to use and intuitive application designed to help you upload and annotate images or screen captures, online together with your friends. Simply capture your desktop and upload the shot on the website, share the link and comment with your friends.

Draw and annotate

CollabShot consists of the desktop application that enables you to sign in, as well as set key combinations and select a folder where you wish to save images. The keyboard shortcuts are meant to create screen shots in a heart beat and automatically upload them online.

Whether you upload an image from your computer or you select a blank doodling platform, the website automatically generates a unique URL, for you to share with your friends. Once accessed, the link leads you to an editing space where you and your collaborators can chat and make annotations to the image.

Online image editor

You can create an account where all the modified images are saved, or you can download them manually to your computer. Simply click the designated button and the annotated images are saved to the specified folder on your system.

The link you receive, for photo sharing is unique, which means that no uninvited quest can crash the session. All the guests can add annotations, type in text over the photo, insert shapes or make modifications that the rest of the party can witness in real time. Additionally, you can use the chat section to live comment with your friends.

Share desktops and work together

The application can be a great help when team work is involved, since you can easily share your desktop activity with your other colleagues, who can make live comments on it. This way, feedback is given and received instantly, over the Internet.


CollabShot is lightweight, simple and it enables you to create screen shots with a few clicks, the upload them instantly to and comment with your friends. Not only can you share your desktop, but you can upload any other image from your computer or from a URL and manipulate it just as easily.

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