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Capture a user-defined region of the screen to an image and copy the photo to the clipboard so you can transfer it into other third-party programs.

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Copy Area Description

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Copy Area is a small graphic capture program whose purpose is to help you take screenshots of a user-defined region of the screen and copy the image to the clipboard. It can be deployed on all Windows versions out there.

How it works

Working with the program proves to be nothing more than a piece of cake. You only need to double-click on its icon in order to activate the capturing mode.

What’s more, Copy Area comes with support for context menu integration so it places a shortcut in your Windows Explorer menu. This shortcut can be used for quickly taking screenshots and capturing essential parts from your projects.

The application lets you select a custom region of the desktop and automatically copies the snapshot to the clipboard so you can quickly paste it into other third-party utilities. A countdown timer is shown before activating the capture mode.

Tests have shown that Copy Area carries out a task quickly and without errors. It offers very good output results. It is not a resource hog so you do not have to worry that it eats up CPU and memory resources.

Bottom line

All things considered, Copy Area delivers a simplistic software solution for helping you capture important parts from your projects, and is suitable especially for less experienced users.

Professionals may start looking for something else because there’s no support for advanced functions. You are not allowed to export the captured images to a file (e.g. BMP, JPG, PNG) on your computer, use different capture modes (e.g. full screen, active window), insert text annotations and free-hand designs, employ hotkeys for faster actions, and embed text/image watermarks, just to name a few suggestions.

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