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Enhance the functionality of the Print Screen key, making it possible to specify which monitor should be selected and crop pictures before saving.

  • APP : CustomPrintScreen
  • Version : 0.9.1b
  • License : MIT License
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : Marcin Hajduk

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CustomPrintScreen Description

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Even though few use it on a regular basis, the Print Screen key on your keyboard can be very handy, as it allows you to quickly capture an image of the entire desktop and send it to the clipboard.

CustomPrintScreen is a tiny application that can make this Windows function even more useful. It enables you to select which monitor should be captured and even edit the images before saving them.

Runs quietly in the background until you press the Print Screen key

There is no need to install anything after downloading the app, and it will begin running in the background after you double-click the executable file. It won’t be visible anywhere until you actually press the Print Screen key in order to take a screenshot.

A window will be displayed whenever you press the PrtScn key, showing you all the available monitors and allowing you to choose which image should be saved. The app still works even if only a single display is connected.

Grab images from multiple monitors and even crop them before saving

Taking a screenshot is simple enough, as you just need to click the screen you are interested in. The image will be saved on your desktop automatically as a PNG file.

If you use the Ctrl+ PrScn key combination, however, you will also have access to a cropping tool; it is very basic, though, as you cannot fine-tune the dimensions of the selection box after it has been created.

Interesting project that is worth keeping an eye on

At present, CustomPrintScreen offers a very basic set of features, but it looks quite promising. A lot more needs to be added in future releases, however, such as more editing options, a refined cropping tool and more output possibilities.

The user interface isn’t particularly impressive either, but this isn’t a major issue. The application is still in the early stages of development, so we can probably expect more enhancements in the future.

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