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Make sure to register all your actions with the help of this minimalist, hardware accelerated screen capture software that also supports audio recording.

  • APP : Desktop Capture
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  • License : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : Michael Chourdakis

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Desktop Capture Description

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Preparing a presentation or a tutorial which implies recording your PC interaction involves the use of a dedicated screen capture app, which supports video as well as sound capture. Desktop Capture was developed in order to provide users with the means of recording their actions in video format, and it allows them to tweak the output characteristics to meet their specific requirements.

A single-layout interface that offers a good overview of all the available parameters

As always, simplicity is the preferred approach with most applications and this is also the case with this program. Having a single layout that contains all the adjustable parameters means that all the required information is easily accessible.

Interacting with the different parameters is done using drop-down menus, and at least initially, it can be a bit tricky to figure out how to edit each parameter. Some react to double-clicking, others to right-clicking, it’s a bit confusing at first.

Efficient functionality and flexibility in terms of output characteristics

Regarding the actual screen recording process and functionality of the app, we never encountered any lags or freeze-ups and the operation is prompt and efficient. It is nice to see that users have the ability to select keyboard shortcuts for enabling or pausing the capture.

Since a wide range of parameters can be adjusted for the output video file, such as the corresponding monitor, compression, sample rate or threads used in processing, we believe that users have a decent degree of adjustability for their captures.

Nifty screen-capture software that provides consistent operation and sufficient customization

Desktop Capture will offer users a simple and efficient way of capturing screen interaction in video format. Providing customization and adjustability for both the input and output of the captures, it is equipped to meet the rigors of most users.

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