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A simple to use application dedicated to automatically saving screenshots, created with PrtScr to the indicated folder and format.

  • APP : Easy Shot
  • Version :
  • License : Open Source
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : Abdelrhman Shawky

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Easy Shot Description

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Easy Shot is a reliable program which can automate the saving of screenshots, in the selected location and with the desired extension. The application can automatically save the screenshots that you create with the PrintScreen button on the keyboard.

Save clipboard content

Easy Shot is lightweight, simple to use and runs in the background, thus not disrupting you from your work. The application can automatically save the graphic contents of the clipboard, the second they are acquired. Thus, all you need to do is run the application, set the preferences, then, each time you press the Print Screen button, the image is saved in the specified location.

The application can spare you of manually saving a new image each time you press the Print Screen button. Instead, it automatically saves the pictures, thus you can create as many screenshots, as fast as you wish, without hassle.

Screenshot saving options

Easy Shot also allows you to decide which type of files do you wish to save and allows you to change the output format settings before taking a new picture. The application supports JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF and ICO as output file formats.

Moreover, you can select the destination of the images. Any folder on your computer can be designated as output location, except for system directories. You can select an accessible folder, such as Pictures or another directory, including remote locations.

Lightweight application that facilitates saving screenshots

Easy Shot can be a time saver, since it can automatically save screenshots in the indicated location. The application might conflict with other similar software, so you need to make sure other graphic capturing programs are not running at the same time. Easy Shot runs in the background at all times and maintains a small icon in the system tray, so you can open the options window at anytime.

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