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Fenix Capture

A simple to use application dedicated to quickly taking snapshots of your screen or of active software windows from your desktop.

  • APP : Fenix Capture
  • Version : 1.0
  • License : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : Ismael Heredia

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Fenix Capture Description

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Fenix Capture allows you to easily take a snapshot of the current state of your desktop, including the taskbar, shortcuts, the system tray icons or the opened windows. The software is small, lightweight and enables you to capture the entire screen, just the active window or only the selected process.

Take snapshots, save results on your computer

Fenix Capture allows you to take snapshots of your desktop, at any time, by selecting which kind of capture do you wish to make. The software features separate functions for taking screenshots for the entire desktop, for individual windows or for system processes. Each of these functions can be accessed from a different tab.

The images are all saved in the same location, a folder named ‘photos’, located in the application’s directory. Since it is a portable software, Fenix Capture comes in a folder with all the required elements and automatically creates a new output folder when you take the first snapshot.

Manage screenshots names

Before you take the screenshots, you need to specify whether to name the file using a custom string or to use the current date and time. However, in case you use the custom name option, you need to make sure that you specify a different name than the one before, otherwise, the software might overwrite the initial data.

You may enable the delayed screenshot procedure, which captures the screenshot a few seconds after you activate the function. This way, you may open context menus or tool tips before the software takes the snapshot. Fenix Capture’s interface turns completely invisible while the software captures the desktop behind it and reappears when the process is finished.

Reliable screen capturing tool

Fenix Capture is a simple to use application, which enables you to capture screenshots of your desktop or opened windows, then automatically save the pictures to a specified folder, not to clipboard. The software is lightweight, portable and can be used on any computer, in order to quickly acquire the desired screenshots. The images are saved in JPG format, original resolution and high quality.

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