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Make screenshot capturing fun with this application that puts a large variety of options at your disposal to ensure your finishing result will look exactly the way you want to.

  • APP : Free Screenshot Capture
  • Version : 1.7.0
  • License : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : iWesoft

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Free Screenshot Capture Description

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Picture creation and editing is probably amongst the top activities teenagers, and not only, prefer in their free time. With such an abundance of existing video editing applications, it's difficult, even by mistake, not to give one or two a try.

If you happened to come across Screenshot Capture, then you know what it is capable of, otherwise, we can state that the name says it all. It is a screen capture utility that lets you take and edit pictures of your desktop and various objects that are on screen.

Multiple options of capture

With the help of Screenshot Capture, you can take a picture of nearly anything on your desktop. You can focus on the whole desktop, separate windows, option which dims anything else on screen for better perception, capture after a certain time, and even in specific geometrical figures. There is also the “Webcam Capture” option that automatically opens the camera and you can freeze the moment, considering anything interesting is going on.

Things get easier with tools at your disposal

To further enhance your desktop photography capabilities, you are given a set of tools to put to good use. Ranging from angle measuring, and screen ruler, to magnifying glass and brightness adjuster, it becomes a fun experience to find and capture anything worth of interest on your desktop.

Before the picture is taken, a small toolbar pops up to bring even more options. This comes in handy when you have to work with classified information, or just want to prevent someone from seeing certain aspects of the picture. With options like blur, and the ability to insert text before capture, all of the above become available.

Help is all over the place

The application features integrated hotkeys, which can be changed, for all given actions. If you consider things get too complicated, you can always choose to “Show Wizard”, function that will easily guide and direct you to what exactly it is you want to capture. Even without that, help boxes are are most of the times present next to your mouse pointer to tell you what you are about to do.

In conclusion

Screenshot Capture is nothing less than a joyride. Having multiple options for you to experience with, enhancing them with the various tools it has to offer, and guiding you all the way so you get the picture just right, make it an application that anyone can use and enjoy.

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