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Make video snapshots and extract frames from video files to JPG with the help of this lightweight application any user should easily handle.

  • APP : Free Video to JPG Converter
  • Version : 5.0.101 Build 201
  • License : Freemium
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : DVDVideoSoft

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Free Video to JPG Converter Description

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There are movies whose focus lies on the visual impact they have on the public and that are, therefore, great sources of inspiration.

But since your eyes have to be quite quick to be able to get all that is being fed to them, having at your disposal a tool that can automatically capture images from the clip you are watching could come in handy. Free Video to JPG Converter is one such application.

Can extract JPG images from all sorts of videos

First things first, let’s discuss the program’s appearance. Once the app is up and running, a dark and clutter-free GUI prompts you, letting you create a list of videos you want to extract pictures from.

You simply need to click the dedicated button to add new videos, with file formats such as AVI, MP4, MPG, WMV, and more being supported. At the top of the main window, all your clips are neatly organized, with the possibility of changing their order or removing any one them according to your needs. The length of each item is displayed along with details about their cumulated duration.

Can capture pictures at user-defined intervals

As for how many resulting images you end up with, it is worth pointing out that the program can extract them at a user-specified interval. You can thus, for instance, choose to capture an image every 10 frames or seconds while also having the option to grab a limited number of frames from the entire video. If you want to be thorough, saving every frame is also possible.

Needless to say, indicating an output location for your images, which are saved as JPG, is a piece of cake, with the program being able to create subfolders for each video in part. This is particularly useful, considering that the app can carry out batch tasks.

Requires little tech skills

On an ending note, Free Video to JPG Converter is a lightweight program whose purpose is to extract JPG images from your videos. The app’s behavior allows for some configuration, and even novices should feel at ease using it.

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