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Take snapshots of your screen, selected regions, objects or windows, with the quick title bar shortcuts and add annotations, effects,.

  • APP : FullShot Standard
  • Version : 10
  • License : Trial
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : Inbit

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FullShot Standard Description

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FullShot Standard is an innovative solution for taking snapshots of the entire desktop or of custom areas on the screen. The application features the shortcut buttons which it integrates to any window you open on the screen. The SWOR functions stand for capturing the screen, the current window, an object and a region.

Comprehensive shortcut buttons

Once FullShot Standard is installed on your computer, the SWOR buttons are automatically integrated to each new window you open on the screen. This makes it very easy for you to capture the desired type of screenshot. Moreover, once captured, the snapshot is instantly imported into the FullShot Standard editor for processing.

The application allows you to add several effects or annotations to the capture, then save it to your computer or print it. The program can extend the capacity of the clipboard, allowing you to store past captures, in a local database, named My Work. You may thus view the screenshots of the day, of the previous day, as well as the rest of the history.

Picture manager and annotation functions

FullShot Standard features support for capturing images on a multiple monitor configuration. Moreover, it can easily print or save the pictures to your computer, in a variety of formats: PDF, BMP, JPG or PNG.

The annotation tab allows you to add several shapes to your capture, such as arrows, text bubbles, highlight row/column, free form drawings, or number labels. Moreover, the program allows you to rotate and scale the image.

Easy to use explorer and effects manager

FullShot Standard’s intuitive interface allows you to quickly access any of its functions. For instance, the panel on the right features tabs for opening My Work log, the folder explorer, layer tray and effects list. You may thus easily add shadow to the margins of the picture, stroke, frame, tear or glare effects. The program only allows you to open one screenshot at a time.

NOTE: For more functions, you can try Fullshot Professional.

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