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Capture desktop activity for a determined duration and save the content as an animated GIF image, using this lightweight application.

  • APP : Gifferly
  • Version : 1.6
  • License : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : Matthew Allen

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Gifferly Description

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Gifferly is a simple to use program that allows you to create animated GIF pictures, by recording the desktop activity in a fixed frame. The application allows you to set the duration of the capturing and automatically opens the GIF image in your browser of choice, when the conversion is finished.

Record a segment of the desktop

Gifferly can record desktop actions, in a fixed frame that corresponds to the application’s window. While the interface hides the second you start the capturing, the system can remember the size and location of the window. Any activity that takes place in that particular window is captured in the animation.

Gifferly allows you to set several parameters for the recording, such as the duration of the recording, measured in seconds. Alternatively, you can start a recording with undetermined duration, which is stopped when a particular key is pressed. Escape, Space or End can trigger the end of the capture process.

Additional input parameters

Gifferly allows you to choose the frame rate, from a range of 1 to 20 frames per second. Moreover, you can select the dithering mode: nearest or error diffusion and the color palette. The options include Optimised mode or Web safe, which determine the number of colors rendered in the animated GIF.

You may choose to capture the cursor and draw click effects, in order to highlight its activity in the animation. This option is useful in case you wish to depict a particular process, for instance an application usage tutorial.

Capture large GIF animations

Once you set all the desired options in Gifferly and start the process, the window hides and the recording is performed with no indicators on the screen. You can simply continue your work, then watch the end result when countdown is over or until you press the designated key. A progress window is prompted, allowing you to abort the process if you wish.

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