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Record GIFs directly from your desktop, take screenshots and share the captured content, with this simple, intuitive application.

  • APP : Gifster
  • Version : 1.0.0
  • License : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : Mentalstack

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Gifster Description

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There is no easier way to share animated content on the web than in the form of GIF files, and you can take advantage of numerous utilities if you wish to create your own animations.

Gifster is a very intuitive program that keeps things simple and provides you with a straightforward method of recording content from your desktop. It offers some basic customization options and can even upload your GIFs directly.

User-friendly GIF recorder suitable for complete novices

Gifster could hardly be simpler to use. The main application window features a basic, intuitive layout, and the controls are self-explanatory.

In order to capture any content, you need to position the selection tool over the area you wish to record. It remains on top of all other windows, but it is completely click-through, so it should not get in your way.

Next, you can begin capturing content by pressing the buttons located within the main application window or the selection tool’s title bar.

Record animated content from your desktop and share GIFs with others

Gifster allows you to customize certain capture settings, as you can alter the default FPS and increase the scale of the output file. Additionally, you can specify whether or not the application should include the mouse cursor or capture a thumbnail.

Once you have finished recording a GIF, the program can open its containing folder or upload it. The URL is copied to the clipboard automatically, so you can easily share it with others.

While Gifster is, of course, designed to help you record animations, it can also function as a screenshot capture tool, although images can only be saved to the JPG format.

Intuitive, well-designed GIF recorder

To conclude, there are plenty of good things to say about Gifster, as the application seems to tick all the right boxes. It is designed to help you create animated GIF files by capturing content from your desktop, and it can also function as a basic screenshot utility.

The program is remarkably simple to use, and it makes it very easy to upload GIFs and share content with your friends.

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