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Capture screen regions and create an animated GIF.

  • APP : GoonCam
  • Version : 0.2.1 Alpha
  • License : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : Vega234755

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GoonCam Description

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GoonCam is a small software application perfect for screen recording and creating animated GIFs.

Screen capture mode

The program's main functions can be controlled from four areas, each able to perform a specific task.

To use the screen capturing capabilities you have to press the record button, which will open a smaller window helpful for the operation.

Key combination

The capture is started and stopped with the help of a keyboard combination, and the targeted area can be enlarged by moving the mouse to drag the window's borders.

Simple editing

You can save the recording to “rec” format and with a favorite name for the compilation.

Recorded frames can be undone or previewed in an animation to confirm that the captured video complies with your requirements.

Frame converter

From the conversion window you can upload the project to Imgur anonymously if the file size does not surpass 2MB, or log into your own Imgur account.

After successful completion of compression values like dithering, frame optimization, transparency optimization and resizing (width, height, aspect ratio), you can preview the resulting file or save it using a GIF extension and use it in an online location.

Simple settings

Customization for general functions can be done in a small but functional window that can change the capture's settings.

The number of frames per second that can be captured can be changed, delivering better quality in the resulting file.

The program can record a new hotkey combination value or use a new custom set entry, allowing full control for your screen recording experience.

A final thought

Furthermore, GoonCam is a simple software utility great for users who need a screen recorder for important bits of information or for creating compelling tutorials. System load during usage is minimal, while the program can be configured and run by anyone, regardless of their experience.

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