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Using this straightforward utility you can capture your desktop, a window or an area of your screen, then upload the output file online.

  • APP : iimger
  • Version : 1.4
  • License : Ad-supported
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : iimgry

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iimger Description

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The fastest way to take a snapshots of your desktop is to press the PrintScreen key on your keyboard – however, this will simply capture your entire desktop and save it to the clipboard, and you still need to paste it within a dedicated editor, save it, then share the file with your friends.

iimger is an intuitive and reliable software solution that enables you to capture screenshots of any area on your desktop you might require, then automatically upload them to an online account.

First of all, you will need to create a dedicated account, so that you can effortlessly upload your snapshots without any additional input on your side. As such, you can choose to upload your images to a custom FTP server, to Imgur or to iimgry.

iimger runs in the system tray, so it does not take up any space on your desktop, so you can continue working unhindered – whenever you need to take a snapshot, simply press the appropriate hotkeys and capture the full desktop or a certain region.

Additionally, you can also upload text to your online account, or you can explore all the uploaded images as a neatly organized gallery. You can also share an uploaded snapshot by copying its link to the clipboard then send it to your friends – you can share it directly on Twitter, Reddit or Facebook.

You can also rely on iimger to record the activity on your desktop, then save it as GIF and upload it to your account.

All in all, iimger is a hassle-free tool for taking snapshots of your desktop by using dedicated hotkeys, then upload them to your custom account and share the items with other users.

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