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The application allows you to create screenshots of your desktop or only a screen region, as well as adjust a time interval for the screen capture.

  • APP : MultiScreenshots
  • Version : 1.0.3
  • License : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : Alexander Langold

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MultiScreenshots Description

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If you want to help out a friend and show them how to complete a certain computer task step by step, you can take snapshots of your desktop then share them. One of the many software solutions that can help capture your desktop is called MultiScreenshots and you can use it to take several screenshots, with the frequency you specify.

You do not need to install the app to your computer in order to make the most of its features, as it runs out of the box without any issues.

You can start by selecting the target folder, be it on the same drive, on another one or on a network share, then specify the output format for your snapshots (such as BMP or JPEG) – keep in mind that if you go with JPEG, your captured images will be smaller as you can lower their quality, and this can come in quite handy if you plan on taking numerous captures.

The main window of MultiScreenshots also enables you to assign a suffix and a prefix to the generated images, while also choosing a naming pattern for the filenames, like the current date and time or sequential numbers.

Furthermore, you can specify how often should the snapshots be taken, depending on your preferences, as you can take them every few seconds, minutes and hours. You can also set MultiScreenshots to stop capturing after a specified interval.

The final step is to specify if you want to capture the entire desktop or only a certain area – you get total control over defining the area, so as to make sure it is exactly the region you need.

All in all, MultiScreenshots is a nifty application that can be very helpful to all those who want to take numerous snapshots every few minutes, especially considering the capture can automatically be stopped after a certain time.

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