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Capture desktop activity in a custom region through screenshots, save the picture on your computer or share it via social networks with this powerful app.

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MyPrintScreen Description

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Some test scenarios require proof, which is in most cases represented by a screenshot. One can simply be obtained through the corresponding keyboard button, but doing so with a lot of pictures becomes a time-consuming task. Luckily, there are various specialized applications like MyPrintScreen which enhance the way you grab, and distribute screenshots.

Multiple trigger methods to use

Once launched, the application enables the core trigger method in its two visual ways. One of them is a cool desktop gadget, which binds itself to one of the screen edges, and can be freely moved to a new location. When clicked, it triggers a screenshot. Interacting with the associated tray icon is the second way to grab a picture of your screen.

The keyboard button is also tweaked, so that the picture is not automatically sent to clipboard, like the default function, and instead triggers the core functions here. Regardless of the trigger option, the entire screen gets covered with a transparent veil, letting you select a custom region to save as picture. The selection box can be moved, and resized before deciding upon export options.

Saving, and online sharing options

We can say that there’s quite the variety of methods to save, or distribute grabbed screenshots. On the one hand, there’s the common method to save locally under formats like PNG, BMP, or JPG, or send the image to clipboard to process in a different applications, because there are no editing options here.

On the other hand, an active Internet connection can be put to good use. In other words, sharing is possible via popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, while the application’s dedicated sharing options uploads it to a special server, with the target link automatically copied to clipboard, making it ready for distribution.

To end with

In conclusion, MyPrintScreen is a powerful enhancement to the default Print Screen function, both in terms of capture method, as well as distribution options. Although you cannot pick a different capture method besides custom region, and there’s no built-in autosave feature, the application is sure to make grabbing, and sharing of screenshots an easier task.

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