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Create multimedia slideshows using images or videos, add custom soundtracks and audio commentaries, with this comprehensive application.

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Photostory Easy Description

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You may sometimes wish you could design professional-looking video slideshows, using your favorite photos and home videos. One application that allows you to do that, and much more, is Photostory easy.

It can be used to create video slideshows, enhance images, add visual effects and transitions, custom soundtracks and even record audio commentaries.

Enhance images and add visual effects

Photostory easy enables you to improve the quality of your photos by automatically correcting color, contrast, brightness and saturation levels. You can also perform these alterations manually. Additionally, you can correct the red-eye effect that often appears in photographs, even when using modern cameras.

The program offers multiple types of visual effects that you can use as transitions between images and videos, as well as decorative elements. You can also add a High Dynamic Range (HDR) effect, that brings out colors in photos, to make them look more vibrant.

Another useful function allows you to create panorama pictures automatically by combining multiple individual images.

Add music soundtracks or voice commentaries

Photostory easy allows you to insert custom soundtracks to your slideshows by using audio files of your choice. You can then specify how high the volume of the background music should be compared to the original audio track.

You can also record spoken audio commentaries or other sounds and add them to the compilation. If you need to narrate certain events or describe images, this is a very useful feature.

Save slideshows to your computer or upload them to YouTube, Facebook or Flickr

Once you have finished designing your project, it can be exported in multiple forms. You can encode it to MP4 or WMV and save it to your computer, or burn it directly to a DVD, Blu-ray disc or SD card. The program allows you to use templates, in order to add interactive DVD and Blu-ray player menus.

Alternatively, you can upload your creations directly to popular video hosting sites, to Facebook or Flickr, as well as create a MAGIX online album.

All in all, Photostory easy is a comprehensive piece of software that can help you create complex video slideshows, save them to your computer, burn them to discs or share them online.

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