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Quickly and conveniently capture screenshots of your computer’s desktop with the help of this very minimalist Electron based application.

  • APP : PiQture
  • Version : 0.12.1
  • License : MIT License
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : ivan770

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PiQture Description

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As we're sure you know, there are various ways of capturing screenshots on Windows 10 computers, ranging from using the Windows Key + PrtScn combination to using the so-called Snipping Tool, or even the old-school method that employs Paint for this job.

Since these methods can be a bit cumbersome, especially if you're aiming for an efficient workflow, a far better experience can be attained by employing a specialized screenshots taking app.

That said, if you're looking for a free a non-pretentious utility of this sort, and you're willing to try something built with web technologies, then you might as well give PiQture a quick run-through and see what's what.

Only offers one screenshot capture mode

As mentioned before, this is a simple app regarding looks and especially when it comes to features. We'll start off by mentioning that it's only capable of capturing the entire area of your computer's desktop, which means no window, object, or region capturing modes.

We won't go as far as saying the rest of the good-to-have features that PiQture doesn't pack, however, it's worth mentioning that it is still a faster, and arguably better solution than all other solutions offered by Windows 10 by default.

Simple feature set means straightforward functionality

The utility does not require installation, and it works straight out of the box without requiring any type of configuration on your part. The application lives in your computer's tray, from where you can effortlessly access its features via the right-click menu or by using the CTRL+ALT+S keyboard combination.

Speaking of which, it's worth highlighting the fact that the app allows you to capture the same fullscreen screenshots via the faster method mentioned above (Quick Capture) or by choosing the specific path and name beforehand, and that's really about it.

Non-pretentious screenshot tool built with the latest web technologies

All things considered, PiQture is a pretty decent application and, in spite of its apparent limitations (its minimalist feature set and bulky size are the most obvious ones), it may very well prove itself useful to some users looking for a faster solution for capturing screenshots that what Windows 10 currently offers.

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