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With this standalone application, you can swiftly grab screenshots either through a GUI or through various command-line arguments.

  • APP : Portable MiniCap
  • Version : 1.40.01
  • License : Donationware
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : Mouser

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Portable MiniCap Description

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Portable MiniCap is a lightweight and very efficient piece of software created to offer you the possibility of grabbing screenshots using command-line arguments or the minimalistic graphical users interface that it features.

No setup needed

Being a standalone tool, installation is not a prerequisite, which means that you can just decompress the archive and run the executable to get started, or launch it from CMD.

Consequently, this translates into the ability to work with Portable MiniCap on all compatible systems, from a removable memory device, without a trace on the host computer.

Swiftly grab pictures of your screen using command-line arguments

The GUI enables you to take snapshots of a specific object or of a selected area, just by hovering your mouse cursor over the targeted item and pressing the CTRL key while clicking your mouse. The grabbed files can be saved to a user-defined destination folder, to GIF, TIF, PCX, PNG, BMP, JP2 or PDF.

The command-line usage of Portable MiniCap, however, comprises a much wider functionality, being fully detailed in the 'Help' document. It thus allows you not only to snap images of your screen, but also run an application and capture its window or an indicated region, or compress the generated picture.

Moreover, the command-line arguments enable you to copy an image to your clipboard immediately after capture, add a border to it or resize its width and height. The picture can be converted to Black&White, you can remove or flatten the aero mode from Vista and Windows 7 systems, as well as insert Exif comments into the saved file.

A straightforward CMD screen snapper

To conclude, Portable MiniCap is a useful and reliable program that can successfully assist individuals of varying levels of experience in grabbing screenshots, resorting either to the basic GUI of the tool or to the more demanding command-line interface.

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