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Capture the full screen, active window or custom region, save images as local PNGs or JPGs, draw shapes, apply blur, and upload files online.

  • APP : qScreenshot
  • Version : 1.0
  • License : GPL
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : Evgeny Khryukin

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qScreenshot Description

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Developed in Qt, qScreenshot is a free and open-source application you can use to take screenshots in several methods, save the images locally, and upload them to various file hosting services, such as ImageShack.us, Pix.Academ.org, Smages.com, Ipicture.ru and Rghost.ru.

It contains a couple of intuitive options that can be easily configured, even by those less experienced with snapshot tools.

Simple setup with systray integrity

The installation procedure is a speedy and uncomplicated task. Afterward, the utility gets integrated into the system tray and captures the full screen when double-clicking the tray icon. By opening the right-click menu, you can ask qScreenshot to grab the active window or custom region.

Different capture modes and drawing tools

The captured area can be previewed in a large window with a simple design and layout, where you can cut and copy selected portions or apply the blur effect, draw rectangular and elliptical shapes, set the line width and color, add text, rotate the image and undo actions, as well print it, save it to JPG or PNG format, or upload it to one of the available file hosting websites.

Configure general settings

The program can be implemented into the Windows autostart lineup, so that it runs by default every time you turn on the computer. Moreover, you can change the proxy configuration for connecting to the Internet, disable automatic checkups for software updates, modify the default capturing mode and keyboard shortcut, add new servers for uploading photos, as well as specify a directory for automatically saving screenshots to.

Evaluation and conclusion

It didn't put a strain on the computer's performance in our tests, running on a low amount of CPU and RAM. We haven't experienced any stability issues in our tests, since it didn't freeze, crash or indicate errors.

To sum it up, qScreenshot provides you with a straightforward means of taking snapshots in various ways, saving images on the disk, and uploading them to file hosting websites.

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