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Quick Screen Capture

Screen grabber, screen capture and image editing tool..

  • APP : Quick Screen Capture
  • Version : 3.0
  • License : Shareware
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : Etrusoft Inc.

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Quick Screen Capture Description

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These days a screen capturing utility is becoming more needed by an increasing number of users. One of these tools is Quick Screen Capture, which can collect data from your screen and export to popular formats.

One working area

The software application displays tips to help you use it, and when you click outside of the main window it minimizes to system tray. The app has a simple design with all the settings comprised in a single working area. The capture mode allows for different sizes, ranging from full screen, window or button. More capture shapes like rectangle, square, ellipse, circle or polygon can be used. After the desired area was captured, it can be zoomed in or out to give you an overall view on the image.

Customizable menus

The control menu options can be easily switched on or off and leave only standard, edit or drawing tools visible. The client area or the picture border can change the default color to a user-defined one. From the “History” pane, you can delete selected or unavailable links and files. The program can also create links to the user's image files. Moreover, the snapshot can be easily printed from the top menu area. With the eyedropper tool you can copy the color from any part of the screen, then use it in the foreground zone. The captured area can be later saved to BMP, JPG or GIF file format.

A final thought

Taking all the pros and cons into account, Quick Screen Capture is a handy tool for all users who need to capture different parts of the screen and later use the information into their projects. This lightweight software application can be used even if you are an inexperienced user.

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