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Take screenshots of your entire desktop, a screen region or the active window and edit the snapshot before saving it to your computer.

  • APP : QuickScreenShots
  • Version : 2.2.5
  • License : GPLv3
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : Clement Lorteau

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QuickScreenShots Description

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Since there's even a button on your keyboard for it, screenshots must be of some importance. These can be used to point out issues when testing products, building tutorials, or simply saving an image of a stunning area you encounter in a video game. Using your keyboard in this regard is a little uncomfortable and can take some time, that's why you're better of using specialized applications such as QuickScreenShots.

Visually appealing and easy to use

The application doesn't need a lot of system resources to properly function and you can use it on most configurations. What's more, you can use the portable edition for more flexibility. However, you need to keep in mind that it's built on the .NET Framework environment, so you need to make sure the target computer is equipped with it.

A good impression is made right from the start, with modern, flat tiles providing quick access to the tools you work with, as well as the popular ribbon toolbar for quick accommodation. Hotkey support makes sure your effort is reduced to minimum, while the application spends most of its time in the system tray.

Configure hotkeys and edit images

One of the purposes is to extend the functionality of the print screen options. The goal is achieved, and you can capture a custom screen area, an active window, in-game screenshot, as well as your whole screen. These can either be triggered by pressing corresponding UI buttons, or through hotkeys you can configure in the settings menu.

The captured image is instantly saved by default and placed in the main window. This is because editing is implemented and you benefit from a decent amount of drawing tools. Amongst others, you can add text, blur parts, add different shapes, or stylish effects such as shadow and background color or transparency.

Overall, the application is pretty polished and properly functions. However, it still feels a little rough here and there, with rectangles and blur options only properly adjusting if dragging your mouse in a specific direction, or the lack of any other image formats to save to other than PNG.

A few last words

On an ending note, QuickScreenShots makes a good first impression and manages to keep it intact the whole time you're using it. Even though it's not perfectly polished, minor inconveniences can easily be overlooked. Combining multiple screen capture methods with clever hotkey implementation and wrapping them in a visually appealing interface quickly convinces you it's worth at least a try.

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