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Takes screenshots of your desktop, opened windows or screen areas and automatically uploads them to a FTP or SFTP server for safe keeping.

  • APP : QuikSnap
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  • License : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : Michael Joell

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QuikSnap Description

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QuikSnap combines screenshot capturing and FTP uploading into a single package, providing you with a quick means of backing up snapshots to your server.

Easy configuration and quick access to options

Upon launch, QuikSnap is immediately sent to the system tray, so that it doesn't interfere with your work. No actual interface is available, but that doesn't mean the application is difficult to use. On the contrary, its tray menu comprises clear and accessible options for taking screenshots and customizing the program's behavior.

Before taking screenshots you must configure the FTP or SFTP connection settings by specifying a few details such as the host URL, the username and the password, the port number and the exact folder on the server where the pictures will be saved.

Take screenshots and upload them with a click

QuikSnap can take screenshots of the currently opened window, selected screen regions or even the whole desktop, generating PNG, GIF or JPG images. The entire operation is hassle-free, since all you have to do is select the snapshot mode. Once the upload is complete, the application displays a notification message near the system tray and the picture URL is sent to the clipboard for easy sharing.

On the downside, QuikSnap does not allow you to define a local folder on your computer where the screenshots will be copied to, so you will have to settle for the FTP copy.

Share screenshots without effort

QuikSnap is the perfect tool for those who want to turn their FTP server into a backup location for screenshots they take. No local copy of the snapshot is created, but the application enables you to quickly and easily share images with others through your FTP server.

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