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Capture simple screenshots of your current display screen with this application that allows you to export files to low-quality PNGs.

  • APP : Screen Capture
  • Version : 1.0
  • License : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : Software Hitech

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Screen Capture Description

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Screen Capture is meant to assist users in recording their current desktop and saving it as PNG files on their disk.

Captures the desktop and any open windows

When started, the simple and lightweight program automatically grabs the background desktop and displays it in the main working window. This allows users to preview their output file.

If this is good enough, a “Save” option can be used to generate a PNG file. The software does not allow much room for customization; however the destination path can be specified.

Each file saved receives an automatic name, given by the format “screencapture_.png”. Unfortunately, the software does not allow custom file names. Users keen on individualizing their files will have to manually rename their images.

Rudimentary versions of an otherwise good image standard

The default extension is also not adjustable. Normally, this would not be required, as Portable Network Graphics files are high quality and, thus, commonly used.

However, the generated pictures are low quality, regardless of the chosen resolution. This must be addressed in future versions, since it really affects the core function of the program.

An interesting feature is the “Area selection” option. Although not highly intuitive, since it requires browsing a partially working window, it allows users to crop out irrelevant or unwanted parts of their captures. This can be handy when pictures need to be disseminated, but private content must be protected.

The interface is simple and rather basic. Some buttons also need a bit of fixing, in order to properly do their job. The “Area selection” option in particular, although promising, could use a bit of makeover. A definite plus is the generous picture preview frame!

A program with plenty of room for improvement

In conclusion, Screen Capture needs some tweaking in order to be competitive in an already full market. There is, however, great potential and, with minor adjustments of the core function, it can prove a viable option for users.

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