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An easy to configure screen capturing utility that enables you to take screenshots of your desktop and share them with your friends.

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Screen Courier Description

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Screen Courier is a comprehensive screen capturing utility that enables you to take snapshots of the desktop, save them locally or share them online. Its advantage is that the captures are automatically sent to an online storage server, which allows you to share them easier with others.

The application runs silently in the system tray and the configuration process shouldn't pose any problems, regardless of your experience level.

In order to take a screenshot, the 'Print Screen' button must be pressed. Screen Courier automatically detects that a new image is available and displays a small notification window containing two available actions, namely share or edit. The images can be saved either in JPG or PNG format and the compression rate is customizable.

Unfortunately, there is no option for capturing a certain area or window. However, the built-in editor can help you in this matter. It features a pretty limited toolset, but enough to add notes and comments, resize the image or highlight important sections. You can crop an area, select a window, overlay a text on the image, use the paint brush to draw freely, add borders, apply a blur effect to the selected area or around it.

Screenshots can either be saved to a user-defined local directory or automatically uploaded to the servers (Dropbox and ImageShack support is not yet available). To ease your work even more, the picture URL is automatically copied to the clipboard, optionally using a link shortener service. This URL can be shared with friends and acquaintances, granting them instant access to the image.

Screen Courier provides you with a comfortable and fast method to take screenshots and share them with your friends. While it could use some improvements, its potential is undeniable and since it comes with no price tag, it's definitely worth a try.

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