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Take screenshots of certain areas of your desktop, highlight various items using a simple drawing tool and upload your images, with this portable utility.

  • APP : Screen scissors
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  • License : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : Igor Yanovich

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Screen scissors Description

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Users who often need to capture screenshots normally rely on third-party utilities to speed up the process, as Windows does not provide you with an efficient method of performing this operation.

Screen scissors is a fairly straightforward program that can help you take snapshots of specific areas of the desktop easily, as well as draw content and upload your images. However, it lacks a number of important functions.

Basic, easy-to-use screenshot utility

First-time users should find it pretty easy to perform screen captures, as you only need to click the system tray icon or use the predefined hotkey to bring up the selection box. Next, it is a simple matter of pressing Enter to save the image or Esc to cancel the operation.

Unfortunately, though, Screen scissors does not allow you to capture the contents of a specific application, window or object, and the current dimensions of the selection area cannot be saved.

Additionally, pictures can only be exported to the JPG and BMP formats, and no output parameters can be altered, such as the JPEG compression level.

Offers several advanced features, but needs some improvements

Before saving your screenshot, you also have the option of highlighting various items using the built-in drawing tool. However, you need to press the Shift key and move the mouse cursor in order to draw, which feels very strange.

Moreover, the color used by the drawing brush, as well as its dimensions, cannot be modified. Also, it is not possible to clear the entire drawing, and the erasing tool is not particularly easy to use.

The screenshots can be saved directly in a specified folder on your hard drive, but you also have the option of sending the files or the URLs of the uploaded images to the clipboard.

Supports image hosting, but does not offer alternative upload locations

Screen scissors enables users to upload screenshots to a proprietary hosting service in order to make it easier for images to be shared with others.

Sadly, it is not possible to upload your snapshots to various other popular hosting websites. This is something that may discourage potential users, as many would likely prefer to rely on a web service that is available in English, which is not the case for the Russian language web service used by Screen scissors. Also, it should be noted that images are only hosted for three days before they are deleted.

All in all, this is a simple-to-use, portable application that could be a great choice if you are looking for a reliable tool that enables you to capture screenshots of certain areas of your desktop. However, the program needs to be improved in many respects, and the hosting service it relies on for image uploads is not particularly impressive.

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