Record the activities you perform on your computer and create high compression demos, presentations or tutorials with this application.

  • Version : 3.7
  • License : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : Stepok Image Lab

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SCREEN2SWF Description


Regardless of whether you want to reach a wider audience, set a certain mood, provoke emotional responses in viewers or increase purchase intent, you can achieve all of the above with an inspired video presentation.

SCREEN2SWF is a screen recorder that enables you to create amazing tutorials, presentations and demos that include customized annotations, images, sound and simple text.

Simple design and intuitive functionality

The interface is clear, intuitive and organized in 3 tabs, which are equivalents of the primary functions of the application. The Edit and Save tabs each include a plethora of options and features you can use to further improve your video presentation, demo or tutorial. 

You can select to film the full screen or only a certain region, in case you want to keep your audience focused on your message, from the Record tab. The select region function is rugged and could use more work.

Quite a handful of editing options

After you have done recording relevant activities on your screen, you can alter the zoom and focus, optimize the frame rate and cut the clip, if necessary.

SCREEN2SWF allows you to customize your video by adding a personal message, images, annotations, delay and mosaic. Lastly, you can add sound to the recording and tweak it by accessing the Audio re-dub function.

Multiple saving options

In spite of its name, the program allows you to save and export screen captures to multiple file formats. In addition to flash movies, you can also make video content for your website by exporting the file to MP4 or FLV. Moreover, you can create AVI and EXE files that can be played on any computer.

It is important to note that the app can aid you reach the best compromise between quality and file size, especially since you have several settings at your disposal (grayscale, 256 color, 16bit color, etc.).

A good tool for anyone creating presentations and tutorials

In case your job responsibilities entail creating tutorials and demos or you simply want to make a presentation that awes your audience, SCREEN2SWF can help you by recording all relevant sections of your screen.

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