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A simple application that you can use to capture screenshots of your desktop manually or automatically, at preferred time intervals.

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ScreenCap Description

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ScreenCap is an intuitive and user-friendly software solution aimed to help you grab pictures of your computer desktop in BMP, PNG or JPG format, with little to no effort required.

Neatly-structured and accessible GUI

After a quick and uneventful setup process, you can launch the application and start working with it right away, its compact looks posing no difficulty, even for novices.

The main window of ScreenCap is organized into three main tabs, specifically ‘Manual’, ‘Automatic’ and ‘Settings’, so you can easily switch between them.

Swiftly capture screenshots manually or automatically

The ‘Manual’ mode enables you to take screenshots whenever the F2 key is pressed (a non-adjustable shortcut), but not before clicking on ‘Start Manual Capture’, so the utility can be on the lookout and save the image. To turn it off, you need only press ‘ESC’.

As for the ‘Automatic’ mode, the tool allows you to grab screenshots at regular time intervals, letting you define the delay duration in milliseconds. When done, you can also press ‘ESC’ to end the capture operation.

From the ‘Settings’ section of ScreenCap, you can define the image format for the output files (BMP, PNG or JPG, along with the JPEG quality), as well as the destination folder. However, bear in mind that you cannot indicate a specific region of your screen, the entire desktop being captured by default.

A useful tool for effortlessly capturing screenshots of your desktop

In conclusion, ScreenCap is a practical and easy to use program that you can resort to for grabbing snapshots manually or automatically. While it can come in handy for full-screen pictures, a region selection component would be just as appreciated.

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