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An intuitive screen capturing application that you can use to take snapshots of the whole desktop at user-defined time intervals.

  • APP : ScreenCapture
  • Version : 1.0.1
  • License : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : Cirx08

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ScreenCapture Description

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Being able to take pictures of your desktop and save the result has a multitude of uses, with no shortage of applications to help improve the standard screenshot function. ScreenCapture is a program that allows users to capture images at a set interval, automating the function based on a repeating timer.

A simple and basic interface that is easy to use, yet restricting in what it provides

The main function of the application is its ability to take an automated screenshot, users can designate a specific time in a set number of hours and minutes. The program can repeatedly take screenshots every time the timer expires, so it can be set to take multiple screenshots within a short period of time.

Unfortunately, that is all ScreenCapture can do, it provides no way to refine or reduce the screenshot size and it's limited to full size screenshots only. It also offers no format options or directory options, saving all screenshots within the same place.

A lack of features that drastically reduces the functionality of the application

ScreenCapture provides no hotkey to start the program, as well as no way to stop the timer. If the timer is left running, it cannot be stopped without opening it again. For those who use ScreenCapture to take screenshots while they are in a full screen program, this could be a serious issue.

The lack of ways to adjust the screenshot size, instead being just restricted to full size screenshots limits the application further. There are no editing options, no way to crop or rotate the image, any editing requires a secondary program. ScreenCapture lacks any additional options of any kind, meaning there is no real customization.

A poorly executed idea, ScreenCapture lacks the capability of a regular screenshot application

While the idea of an automated screenshot process set to a timer is a useful one, the lack of regular screenshot functions that another program might have reduces its effectiveness. If the program provided proper options and features as well as the automated timer, then it would be more competitive. Until then, ScreenCapture is a difficult application to recommend.

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