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Capture the full screen, custom region or active window, copy the image to the Clipboard, save it to file as PNG or JPG, or upload it to various hosting services.

  • APP : ScreenCloud
  • Version : 1.5.3
  • License : GPLv2
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : Olav S. Thoresen

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ScreenCloud Description

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With the aid of ScreenCloud you can seamlessly take image screenshots and share them with other users. This is an approachable and intuitive software program that doesn't require heavy experience to tinker with.

Simple setup and systray accessibility

After a brief setup operation that shouldn't give you any trouble, you are greeted by a welcoming wizard that shows you how the app works. It creates an icon in the system tray area for quick access and sits there silently without interrupting your regular PC activity.

Several snapshot and output modes

You can capture snapshots either by opening the tray icon's right-click menu, or by triggering keyboard shortcuts which are available at a global level.

It's possible to grab the full screen, custom selection, or an active window. As far as sharing is concerned, you can upload images to the developer's website (requires an account), Dropbox or Imgur, as well as to personal websites via FTP or SFTP.

Alternatively, the photographs can be copied to the Clipboard or saved locally as files. The application lets you preview the image, enter the file name, and indicate the saving directory. These settings can be applied to the all snapshots or just the current one.

Configure program settings

ScreenCloud can be asked to run at every Windows startup until further notice. In addition, you can disable graphical or audio notifications, include the window borders in the pictures, select the screenshot image format between PNG and JPG, as well as specify a delay time before capture.

Moreover, it's possible to reconfigure keyboard shortcuts for capturing the full screen, rectangular selection or active window, apply a proxy configuration for connecting to the Internet, manage plugins with local and online services, or disable automatic checkups for software updates.

Evaluation and conclusion

We haven't come across any stability issues in our tests, thanks to the fact that the software program didn't freeze, crash or prompt error messages. It didn't hog system resources, since it needed low CPU and RAM to work properly.

On the other hand, ScreenCloud doesn't support basic editing options or additional file types. Nevertheless, it provides you with a simple solution to taking screenshots and uploading them. Furthermore, it's freeware, discreet, and can be handled by all kinds of users, even those with no previous experience in such apps..

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