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Capture screenshots and store them on your computer or upload them to the Internet, in order to share them with friends more easily.

  • APP : Screenge
  • Version : 1.0
  • License : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : Screenge

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Screenge Description

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Screenge is a lightweight and fairly simple to understand software utility designed to help you capture screenshots from your desktop, being aimed mainly at gamers, as its corresponding image hosting website will only store game-related files.

Intuitive and accessible usage

The application displays a clean and practical GUI, retreating to the notification area upon installation, but allowing you to access and customize its functioning parameters with a single click on its icon.

Nonetheless, Screenge also features an independent interface, where you can view previously saved images and decide what to do with them (upload, copy delete, edit, or others).

Capture screenshots during gameplay and upload them online

The utility comes with three pre-defined shortcuts for grabbing snapshots of your desktop, enabling you to capture your entire screen, the currently active window or a rectangle region. These can, however, be customized to suit your particular preferences.

Moreover, Screenge is capable of recording videos but requires you to download and install FFmpeg. Should you choose to do so, the created files will be saved to MP4 format. Capturing screenshots as well movies during gameplay can come in handy for a lot of passionate players who wish to analyze and improve their performance in the future by looking at past mistakes.

After taking a new picture, Screenge allows you to upload it to your account and copies the corresponding link to your clipboard in HTTP form, as a short link or a QR code, so you can immediately share it with friends or teammates. However, the upload feature could use some improvement, as it does not always seem to function properly.

A tool for grabbing pictures and videos during gameplay or other activities

To sum it up, Screenge is a useful program that you can rely on for quickly grabbing screenshots and videos of their gameplay; it can also serve you in other purposes as well, since its capture features are not limited in any way to games, as opposed to the upload option.

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