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A simple and very effective piece of software that enables you to grab screenshots and share them on the web in just three swift moves.

  • APP : Screenky
  • Version : 1.0
  • License : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : Screenky

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Screenky Description

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Screenky is a lightweight and intuitive application whose main purpose is to help you take screenshots at a moment’s notice and share them online right away, through an automatically created link.

Clean and intuitive looks

The program runs minimized in the notification area, so as not to interfere with your regular activities, yet still remain available for you to use whenever you need.

The main window displays the previously snapped pictures, enabling you to view the one you want in your default web browser.

Swiftly capture a screenshot and obtain the corresponding link to share it with friends

Screenky is quite easy to understand and work with; to get started, you simply need to press the ‘Print Screen’ button on your keyboard. The utility allows you to choose between a full screen image and a preferred region on your desktop.

To select the area you wish to capture, you just need to click and drag your mouse cursor over the targeted surface. If you are satisfied with the current position, you can hit the ‘Enter’ key and it will automatically be uploaded online, copying the corresponding URL address to your clipboard, so you can share it with people on the Internet.

However, the created images are not saved by default to your computer as well, meaning you will need to access them in a web browser and download them yourself if you wish to also store them on your PC. The program does not feature any adjustable options or settings, it functions as a WYSIWYG tool. Similarly, it does not offer any components to let you write on your picture or emphasize an important element in your screenshot.

A time-efficient graphic capture instrument

In conclusion, Screenky is an interesting and fairly useful piece of software aimed to provide you with an extremely rapid means of taking screenshots and uploading them on the Internet, preparing them to be shared with other people in no time.

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