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A hassle-free application for automatically taking snapshots of your computer screen and saving them to the location you specify.

  • APP : ScreenLogger
  • Version : 1.10.0
  • License : GPLv3
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : Lukas Boersma

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ScreenLogger Description

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When you start a new project and you are really passionate about it, you might lose track of how fast you complete various stages along the way.

ScreenLogger is an app that can help you in this situation, as it automatically takes snapshots of your desktop so you can later examine the progress you made.

Minimalist app

This application goes to the system tray by default, meaning it does not take up any taskbar space thus not making it more cluttered than before.

You only need to configure its settings once, then you can forget that ScreenLogger is running on your computer, as no user interaction is required.

Very few parameters to be set up

Considering even PC novices might occasionally need to monitor the progress they make while working on a design, for example, it is a good thing that no complicated settings need to be set up.

You can choose the standard location for the recorded snapshots, while also specifying if you prefer to keep all images in the same directory or if you would rather have a sub-folder for each day.

The capturing frequency can also be adjusted, and you can select between minutes and seconds as the units of measurement.

The output format can be either JPEG or PNG – these might not sound like too much variety, yet they should be enough for the regular user. Full color or black and white pictures are supported, and ScreenLogger even allows you to add a timestamp text to your snapshots, mentioning the time and date of the capture.

To sum it up

In a nutshell, ScreenLogger might not look too impressive at first sight, due to the scarcity of its settings. Nonetheless, those with little computer skills can easily enjoy its feature set and this is all that matters in the end.

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