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Capture images and videos directly from your desktop and instantly share them via a generated private link with the help of this lightweight app.

  • APP : Screenrec
  • Version : 1.0.89
  • License : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : Screenrec

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Screenrec Description

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ScreenREC is a neat utility that lets you take screenshots and video recordings from your desktop activity while providing a quick and safe sharing method based on private links and online personal library, offering a 2GB storage capacity.

Arbitrary account linking

In order to start using the app, your first have to create or log in with an existing Google account. However, it appears that the account is not necessary for recordings or capturing screenshots, but it has its purpose regarding file sharing. In short, if you plan to share your data, you have to link and account, if not, the app is still functional.

Capture your content by dragging the pointer across your screen

To capture screenshots, you have to right-click the taskbar icon and select Image Capture. From there, with the generated crosshair you can isolate the area from the desktop you want to capture. The resolution is permanently present in the selection rectangle so you can use that as guidance if you need certain sizes.

The video recording feature can be operated as the image capture, excepting the microphone button that can be turned on and off. The microphone can be activated or deactivated while recording, but during the tests, a green flash was observed any time the mic was turned off/on, so you may want to avoid doing that during recordings for quality reasons.

Share your data via private links

If you have linked an account, when previewing an image/video, the share icon becomes functional. Clicking on it will generate a private link that is copied to the clipboard, and can be shared with anybody you want. Once placed in a browser, the link downloads the exact file you generated the URL for. This sharing method can be considered a little bit safer, as the recipients are of your choosing.

In conclusion

ScreeREC is a handy tool that can be used to capture any activity from your desktop, as image or video, and provides a private link generator that lets you share your data with your friends without needing to upload anything to any platform, except the personal library. The operation is simple enough that any user, no matter the technical skills, can fully take advantage of it.

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