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Take screenshots of your computer’s desktop, add custom texts and lines, save the URLs to your clipboard and share them with your friends.

  • APP : ScreenShooter
  • Version : 5.30
  • License : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : Dariusz Mokwa

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ScreenShooter Description

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ScreenShooter is a user-friendly and intuitive piece of software meant to provide you with an accessible method to capture screenshots of your computer's desktop and to quickly share them with your friends.

Lightweight app with a user-friendly interface

The first thing that comes into attention, after its uneventful installation process, is how easy it is to work with this application. This is mostly possible thanks to its simple and practical interface and also to its minimalistic and easy reachable set of features.

As such, the main window of ScreenShooter is well-structured, with quick access to the app's most important features, a history panel that displays the latest snapshots and an address field for the generated URLs.

Makes taking screenshots and editing them a breeze

At the same time, you can quickly get access to more advanced sharing capabilities by simply clicking the Options button. Working with ScreenShooter should not pose much difficulty, even if you lack prior experience with such software solutions.

You simply need to click the “Screenshot” button, define the desktop area with the help of the capturing tool and optionally use the features provided by the Draw menu to customize it with texts and shapes.

Edit and share images within seconds

The provided editing tools are as simple as the app itself: you can use a pen and a highlighter, blur areas of the snapshot, as well as add text, arrows, pins and geometrical shapes.

From here onwards, to share your screenshots, you can either use the contextual menu to copy the URL or manually do it from the address bar previously mentioned and send it to your friends.

Quite capable, but lacks customization options

To sum things up, ScreenShooter is an efficient software solution for saving, capturing and sharing snapshots of your computer's workspace.

The only downside is the fact that it only comes with a single style of capturing snapshots, and, while for most users this should be enough, others might want those few extra modes, such as as capturing windows, scrolling menus or free-hand areas.

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