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Screenshot Ultra

With this simple and intuitive application, you can easily grab screenshots to a preferred format, automatically or with a single button press.

  • APP : Screenshot Ultra
  • Version : 1.3
  • License : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : VCL Examples

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Screenshot Ultra Description

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Screenshot Ultra is an efficient and very easy to understand piece of software which aims to offer you a simple means of grabbing snapshots of your desktop, requiring the least amount of effort from you.

Clean-cut and fairly practical appearance

Subsequent to a brief installation process, you can launch the program and start working with it immediately, thanks to its straight-forward and appealing interface, that makes it approachable for all levels of experience.

The small, non-resizable window of Screenshot Ultra features three main sections, specifically ‘Save Options’, ‘Take Screenshot’ and ‘Screen Region’, each providing you with several customizable attributes, like the destination folder, or the capture trigger.

Configure the screenshot preferences and start capturing images with a single button push

You can begin by selecting the ‘File Type’, referring to the format for the output picture; you can choose between JPEG, PNG, BMP and TIFF, whichever best fulfills your needs. Similarly, you can set a certain save path for all your files.

The ‘Take Screenshot’ section enables you to opt between manual and automatic running, the former allowing you to capture a picture using the ‘Print Scr’ button on your keyboard (set by default, so you do not get to decide which key to use), while the latter lets you grab images at a user-defined interval, by specifying the number of milliseconds between each take.

The same key (Print Scr) is the trigger, whereas in order to stop Screenshot Ultra, you can press F12. From the ‘Screen Region’ area, you can select to capture the ‘Full Screen’, the ‘Active Window’ or a ‘Custom Region’ that you can define using your mouse cursor, with the option of previewing the screenshot before saving it to your PC. When the configuration is complete, you can minimize the application to the notification area and let it go about its business.

User-friendly screen grabber for you to use

To conclude, Screenshot Ultra is a handy and reliable utility that was developed to help you capture pictures of your desktop in a straight-forward, no-nonsense fashion, sparing you from trying to figure out how to handle complex software, and offering you satisfying results.

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