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Taking screenshots with this simple software solution is a breeze, thanks to a truly simple design and associated features and handling.

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Having the ability to take screenshots of your particular area of interest can be more important than it might seem at first glance. There’s an abundant pool of applications that offer such functionality, and one such program is Screenshot. Embodying simplicity and accessibility, it provides a basic tool for creating screen captures, without the inherent hassle of more complex solutions.

Unobtrusive tray-area application whose functionality can be deployed in an instant using shortcuts

In order to achieve a simple overall solution, the developer made the app accessible through the tray-area icon and its features through the “F1” key. This cannot be changed, and unless you’ve assigned that key to some other app, you should be fine.

However, having only one key for accessing the app’s functionality can be a little restrictive, especially considering that similar apps have multiple hotkeys available for different screenshot actions.

Select the screenshot area, fiddle around with the drawing pen, pin it or save it, in just a few clicks

Having toggled the app’s main dock, users can then proceed and select the screenshot area that is to be captured. Unless this action is performed, the app will not capture the entire screen or any other region.

In order to aid things in terms of extra functionality, the app offers a drawing tool, eraser, as well as clipboard sending or disk saving for the selected, captured area. However, since the area must be manually selected each time, means that users will need to be precise with their selections, especially if wanting to highlight single windows or applications.

Simple screen capture solution that provides basic functionality and easy-to-use features

Although lacking in more advanced features, this program excels at being minimalist and straightforward in terms of use. However, lacking more hotkey options and ways to automatically select areas, could make it a less-than-ideal choice for those who require a reliable, highly iterative screen capture solution.

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