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Capture your screen, record videos with whatever you’re doing on your PC, and show your audience quality footage for any considered reason.

  • APP : Screensync
  • Version : 1.1
  • License : Commercialware
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : nitro4real

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Screensync Description

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With Screensync you can just about immortalize any particular aspect that takes place on your computer's screen. Whether we're talking about a screenshot or a whole video, this application can handle it rather remarkably. It's pretty intuitive and easy to use, so you won't feel the burden of learning any new functions or commands. On the contrary, it will feel quite familiar.

Plenty for you to do

This particular application feels more like a suite rather than a screen-recording program. Aside from being able to capture a certain area on your screen, one can also record footage for tutorials or other similar programs. The real surprise comes with the image editor. While it is not at all useless, it really doesn't fit with the rest of the app functions. Still, if you want to edit your screenshot on the get-go, then this function will be useful, no doubt.

Settings you might get lost in

Now, the biggest plus with this particular application is the settings' menu. Here you've got plenty of choices to deal with. From General Settings to Embedded Hotkeys, one has lots and lots of options to adjust and ultimately tailor the application experience to their needs. You can choose how the app will start when your OS loads, select JPG or PNG as the default image format used by the app, the mode in which your videos will be shot, proxy use, and hotkey combinations for custom region capture and recorder activation. Lastly, you can choose where the notifications will be positioned on your screen.

Running the app itself

Once you're done with adjusting the settings to your needs, running the app is easy peasy lemon squeezy. For screenshots, all you have to do is choose the particular area you want to capture. For recording, on the other hand, you need to choose the resolution, frame rate, sound rate, audio bitrate, and so on. Choose your audio device input from the same screen. With this application, everything is within reach, and this is probably the best of all features.

Screensync is an application that will definitely help any user with capturing the activity on-screen, quickly and without too much hassle. If you adjust your settings right, the experience should be indeed more than rewarding for you and those who follow your creations.

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