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Simple Photo Booth for Windows 10/ 8.1

A lightweight and very easy to handle application for Windows 8.1 whose main purpose resides in helping you take photos with your webcam.

  • APP : Simple Photo Booth for Windows 10/ 8.1
  • Version :
  • License : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : Poonfamily

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Simple Photo Booth for Windows 10/ 8.1 Description

Simple Photo Booth for Windows 10/ 8.1 icon>

Simple Photo Booth is an intuitive and user-friendly software utility create to help you transform your Windows 8.1 device, be it a computer or a tablet, into a picture snapping tool, with minimal effort.

Basic yet practical user interface

The application features a minimalistic interface, seemingly being aimed at inexperienced people who just want to take pictures in a photo-booth style.

Simple Photo Booth can easily cater to the needs of novices, but more advanced individuals might find it too deprived of customization options or adjustable preferences.

Snap pictures through your webcam and arrange them on a preferred background

To get started, you need to connect your camera to the computer, displaying what the camera sees right then and there, allowing you to modify its position in order to obtain the best results.

Four different images will be snapped, and between each take there is a five second delay, which is also indicated in Simple Photo Booth’s main window. During this time, you and your friends have sufficient time to move around to capture a diverse set of pictures.

The ‘Background’ button allows you to choose one of several images to use as a framing board for the captured photos. The ‘Vertical’, ‘Horizontal’ and ‘Four’ options enable you to modify their orientation, before printing the generated picture or saving it to your computer, to PNG format.

However, aside from these basic options, Simple Photo Booth leaves little room for customization. As such, you cannot adjust the time delay, the number or size of images to be taken, nor can you use your own files as background.

A lightweight webcam snapper

To sum it up, Simple Photo Booth is a handy, though rather limited program for Windows 8.1, which aims to assist you in turning your computer into a photo booth, with only a webcam necessary.

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