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Simple Screen Capture

A lightweight application developed to offer you the ability of taking pictures of your desktop with the simple push of a button.

  • APP : Simple Screen Capture
  • Version : 3.0.1
  • License : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : Space Potato Labs

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Simple Screen Capture Description

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Simple Screen Capture is a basic piece of software whose main purpose resides in grabbing screenshots in a no-fuss, straightforward manner, enabling you to save the images to JPG format on your computer.

No installation needed

Being a standalone tool, its does not require installation, meaning you can run it immediately after downloading and decompressing the archive.

As a result, you can store and carry Simple Screen Capture with you on portable memory devices, like USB drives, using it when needed, then removing it when done through deletion.

Clean and well-structured appearance

Simple Screen Capture features a neatly-organized user interface, resorting to tabs to separate its various functions, allowing you to switch between them with ease.

This way, you can ‘Capture / Save’ images, use the ‘Screenshot Viewer’ to look at the previously grabbed pictures, or look through the ‘Help’ section for instructions on how to best use the program.

Capture an image of your desktop with a single button push

Simple Screen Capture allows you to grab a picture of your computer desktop, just by clicking on the dedicated button in the lower left corner or by pressing the ‘Enter’ key; however, the latter only works when the utility is in focus.

The application is quite limited in terms of functionality, as it offers you no method of deciding the window or area of screen that you want to capture, so there is basically no way of avoiding its main window. Also, you can only save the image to JPG format, under a default set of preferences, which cannot be customized.

A basic snapshot grabber

To sum it up, Simple Screen Capture is a point-and-shoot tool that is meant to help you take pictures of your computer desktop, but which could use a number of improvements concerning its functions and tinkering options.

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