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Take snapshots on any part of the screen, save images to file and control the quality, apply watermarks, adjust the brightness, and more.

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  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : NiceKit Software

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SnapaShot Pro Description

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Taking snapshots can be a long process, especially if you also have to edit the photo with the help of the traditional Windows methods. However, SnapaShot Pro is a tool that can help you do both of these actions at the same time.

The app’s interface is quite simple: an adjustable and transparent rectangle that acts as the frame of your snapshot. You can move this anywhere on your screen and resize it however you want.

SnapaShot Pro is a light tool that allows you to save the pictures to your computer or copy them to the clipboard, thus enabling you to paste them into other image or word editors. Furthermore, you can also print or send the screen grab by email.

The options tab of this software allows you to fiddle with a few settings. For example, you can have the app run at system startup or show as a tray icon. Several instances can be allowed to run at the same time. Also, you can modify the border color of the software.

In addition, you can add a text or image watermark to the snapshot. You can adjust the opacity, the horizontal and vertical alignment and apply a flow or shadow effect to it.

Also, you can set a fix output width and height, adjust the quality for each output format supported by the app, enable and change hotkeys for various actions, choose a file name template and enable auto-save.

SnapaShot Pro supports a few image formats, such as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF and WDP.

All in all, SnapaSHot Pro is a nice and light program that can be useful when you need to take and edit screen grabs. Less experienced users should have no problems working with this software.

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