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Create Annotated High-Fidelity Screen Shots in Minutes, not Hours !.

  • APP : SnapDraw Free
  • Version : 3.20
  • License : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : MicroInvention Ltd.

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SnapDraw Free Description

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Snap Draw Free is a software application that enables you to create high quality screenshots with alpha transparency, annotations, reflections, and 3D rotation/perspective effects.

Using a keyboard hotkey you can capture the desktop, an active window or a object under the mouse cursor.

The program allows adding annotations (text, lines, shapes), insertion of additional images, adding or disabling reflection effects, setting background images or colors and adding a text or an image watermark.

The program can create high quality captures with reflection effects and 3D rotation, and allows you to display them on a custom background.

Snap Draw Free supports FTP uploading and screenshots emailing.

Fast Image Capture

With the “capture now” button you can interactively capture a window, a window or an object, a transparent window with shadow or you can capture the desktop on the current monitor or all monitors with the help of the mouse cursor.

The “capture key” tab selection allows you to capture or interactive capture the window, window or object or transparent window with shadow. You have the option from this tab to capture the desktop on this monitor or all monitors.

This tab gives you access to “capture key settings” where you can personalize your capture keys for fast capture of your projects.

In the “configuration” tab you will set all your program's settings and you can easily configure FTP, email and SMTP settings.


Snap Draw Free is a great assistant for users who need to capture their desktops or active windows and add different effects to their capture. The software application is very easy to use and all the buttons are placed in a logical order.

Another plus for the program is the interface which the user can use quick and get the desired results every time, without losing any quality.

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