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Capture your entire desktop, selected areas or just the active window with this application that allows you to export projects to BMP, JPG or TIF formats.

  • APP : SnapVideoPro
  • Version : 2.0
  • License : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
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SnapVideoPro Description

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Desktop screenshots can be used for a variety of reasons, from technical support to educational purposes or simple entertainment. While there are numerous programs that can assist users in capturing their screens, SnapVideoPro seeks to distinguish itself by offering the possibility of working on multiple snapshots at the same time and even adding custom effects, such as twist or posterize.

Capture the desktop

As with similar programs, the application employs a customizable combination of keys to capture users' screen (default is ALT + F12). One of the great features of this program is the ability to process not only the entire desktop, but also individual objects, such as user-selectable areas, a fixed region or the active window. These options mean users don't have to crop desktop snapshots to discard unwanted elements.

Once satisfied with their selections, users can create presentations with the “Build Slideshow” menu item. Besides screenshots, one can also insert custom pictures in most common formats, as well as a WAV track. The output presentation bears the AVI format and some of the quality options can be adjusted, contingent on the codecs employed.

Adjust the contrast, brightness and saturation levels

But the application is more than a simple screen capturing utility. With it, one also has limited photo retouching options, such as the ability to insert text strings or make simple free-form drawings; a few standard shapes are also available.

More advanced effects can be employed, such as image blurring, solarizing or grayscaling. Basic adjustments, involving the contrast, brightness and saturation can also be performed. Once satisfied with their work, users can export projects to BMP, JPG or TIF documents.

The program captures the desktop area, a fixed region or the active window and allows users to apply basic effects

In conclusion, SnapVideoPro is a practical tool for anyone who needs a screen capturing utility with fair image adjustment and enhancement capabilities.

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