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Take screenshots of specific areas or active windows on your desktop that feature very precise page widths using this simple utility.

  • APP : SnapX
  • Version : 1.0 Build 42
  • License : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : digimezZo

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SnapX Description

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Regardless of how clearly you break down the process and explain to other users how to do a specific task on their computer, sometimes you do not get the desired result in spite of your best effort. In these situations, screen recording or screenshots can make all the difference in the world.

SnapX is a tiny piece of software that enables you to take screenshots of your desktop as well as active windows or specific areas, while managing the image's dimensions accurately.

Comes with a sleek and streamlined interface

The program includes a small, yet elegant and appealing UI that comes in the form of a small window that displays four functions, namely capture screen, window, region or open. The later feature enables you to open any picture you store on your local drives.

The advantage of the application stems from the fact that it enables you to set constraints to the size of the images you are managing. To be more precise, you can define the exact millimeters for the width and height of the image and specify the desired PPI. The feature can come in handy for projects that entail embedding photos into documentation that requires you to respect strict guidelines.

Could use some editing options

While it is easy to work with, you should know that the application supports very few image formats, namely PNG, BMP, TIFF and JPEG. In addition, it does come with a configuration or options menu that enables you to set parameters the app should follow when grabbing active windows or regions on your desktop.

It would have been nice if the utility included additional editing features, such as transparency, effects or configuring your hotkey combination for taking screenshots. In addition, it would have been nice if the tool enabled you to add watermarks, a feature that could be useful when creating tech or how-to guides that you upload on your blog or website.

A simplistic app that could be useful for specific projects

If you handle projects and documentation that adheres to strict formatting guidelines and you want to make sure that the images you add qualify, then perhaps SnapX would come in handy.

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