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Capture screenshots of your desktop, as well as record and save your screen state with the help of this compact, easy-to-use application.

  • APP : Virtual Camera
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  • License : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Developer : Hatif Hammad

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Virtual Camera Description

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Virtual Camera provides you with a fast and comfortable method of taking snapshots of your entire screen and saving them on the local hard drive. While there is an abundance of similar applications out there, this particular software solution is very lightweight and stands out from the crowd through its ease of use and portability.

Take snapshots with ease

Its interface is intuitive, consisting of a transparent window of adjustable size that you can move around the desktop and place wherever you want to. Actually, simplicity is one of the main characteristics of this application, since using it shouldn't pose any problems to users, regardless of their experience level.

Taking a new snapshot is just a matter of pressing a button. Virtual Camera can capture the entire screen, but it also comes with an option to capture a user-defined area of the desktop. Screenshots can be saved in BMP, PNG, JPG or GIF format to a user-defined location and previewed within the main window prior to saving.

Further improvements needed

Virtual Camera enables you to adjust the interface opacity level and set the application to start with Windows, defining the startup window size and position on the screen. Furthermore, it features a so-called 'compact mode', which makes the GUI really small, only comprising the capturing buttons.

As a drawback, you cannot instruct the application to capture the active window only, take delayed snapshots or assign shortcut keys to specific actions, features that are usually available in screen capturing applications.

A straightforward screen capturing tool

Virtual Camera focuses on speed and simplicity, rather than complicated configuration options. Therefore, it is mainly intended for users who don't require advanced screen capturing capabilities and want to stick to the basics: pressing a button and saving the snapshot.

It might not be enough to some, but beginners might appreciate this forthright approach and opt to use it to the detriment of more sophisticated capturing tools.

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